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Be smart & Cool, wear a helmet when you, board, skate, BMX, Ski, Kayak etc.

Ski Helmets(Advice from Devon LEA)

It is not current normal and accepted practice for recreational skiers, including school groups within ski school, to wear helmets. However, helmets are normally used with very young children (e.g. under the age of 8), within competitive speed or slalom events or where advanced skiers go off-piste into wooded or rocky terrain. 

Whilst helmets may appear to give additional protection they can hinder effective communication and may develop a false sense of security and invulnerability. Statistics and research in this area do not give a clear lead. Therefore, following discussion with representatives of the English Ski Council, advice for Devon school ski groups remains unchanged. For normal ski courses helmets are not a required item of equipment unless recommended within the local resort. Italy now insist on all children wearing ski helmets.


My personal view:

Is that any precautions that can be taken to improve the safety of children & adults, should be taken advantage of. I have seen two nasty head injuries in two consecutive years, with children staying in the same hotel as us, but with a different school, where ski helmets would have helped. Our ski trips & school canoe club use helmets. Access to helmets for the dry-ski slope has not been possible at present.

Group 2 on Sunday morning grad weekend at the Kettle River put-in.

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