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Magdalen Court School
Bushcraft Camp


Forest CampMagdalen Court School; Escot Wild Camp

We had such a blast last year, the pupils have been pressing me to book it up again this year. So here it is.
So it is with great excitement I offer pupils the chance to go to this wonderful centre & immerse themselves in nature & technologies of old.

Escot Education is based in the beautiful grounds of Escot House, the Greenwood Centre is surrounded by the historic fantasy gardens and animals of Escot Park. We have access to the wetland, parkland and woodland environments allowing groups to experience nature in a safe, instructive and enjoyable way.Magdalen Court School; Escot Wild Camp

There are a huge range of  activities on offer; Bushcraft / Fire sculptures / Lantern making / Greenwood carving skills / Fire lighting / Food Foraging and Campfire cooking / Storytelling / Shelter building / Environmental drama and art / Making musical instruments. We always have a campfire and will include the ever popular Barefoot Swamp Walk.

The Activities Alan has in mind for our group are:

  • Making badges. Magdalen Court School; Escot Wild Camp, making a name badge
  • Letterbox challenge
  • Lunch by the campfire – own pack lunches. Marshmallows
  • Move to Rowden End Woods to build shelters
  • Supper
  • Nightwalk, story then bed down

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • Pack up camp. Bush craft activities including fire lighting, whittling, dream catchers and archery
  • Lunch
  • Swamp Walk
    The Swampwalk is a 100-metre meander through the mire....

It's cold, smelly and seriously manky - almost a metre deep in places. You finish off with a wash in the pond and a hosing down. This is a SERIOUS challenge for some but universally remembered as the best part of the camp.


Magdalen Court School; Escot Wild Camp, swamp walk . Magdalen Court School; Escot Wild Camp, dinner time . Magdalen Court School; Escot Wild Camp, woodland walk
Magdalen Court School; Escot Wild Camp, sleeping in their shelter

Escot Adventure Camp


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