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Magdalen Court School
Forest Explorer


Forest Explor uses the woods and forests as a means to build independence and self-esteem in children.Camp fire
At MCS we are blessed with several sites:

  • The School grounds are set in a wonderful mature wood, where we have established a Forest Explore classroom
  • The school also owns some land on the banks of the river Teign, a step outside Dartmoor National Park.
  • The Forest Explore philosophies can also be found in many of our outward bound trips

The Forest Explore is primarily aimed at primary age, but we also use the resource at a more advanced level with our older children to.
It builds their:

  • Team Work & cooperationShaping seat leg
  • Problem Solving skills
  • Encouraging curiosity & exploration in their environment
  • Empowering children in the natural environment
  • Learning about Flora & Fauna, the beasties & crawlies, the school grounds are festooned with edible plants.
  • Getting them to manage their own risks

Their experiences are 'child led' & concentrates on their holistic development, with particular emphasis on their social and emotional aspects of learning.

We use the sites throughout the year, allowing children to experience the glorious changing English weather and the spectacular changing seasons.

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