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Magdalen Court School
Green Team

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Magdalen Court School is keen to promote sustainable living, both in school, at work & at home.Magdalen Court School Green Team Tree
With the support of Exeter City Council we have a 'Green Team' in school who looks at ways we can improve our way of life, having less of a detrimental impact on the environment; as an individual & as a member of society.

We all want to preserve the unique & precisions environment we live in & to encourage this type of thinking, Exeter City Council have teamed up with the Express & Echo, who each Tuesday publish a special Green Section in their paper, highlighting the activities the children are working on in the local schools. There is also a bit of healthy competition between the schools & a league table highlighting the efforts they have been making towards Green Initiatives.

The Green Team at Magdalen Court School, have some money at their disposal to invest in Green Schemes at school. For each 10 leaves they put on our tree, they receive £50 from the Express & Echo & Gregory's Distribution.
When they fill 3 branches (30 leaves) they get a bonus of £150, giving them a total of £250 for their green initiates at school.

Leaves are earned for each Green Initiative the children of MCS get involved in.

There is also a further £500 grant available for large Green Initiatives in school available from Western Power.

So there is lots of real opportunities for our 'Green Team' and members of the Magdalen Court School community to make a positive impact on the way we live & work in Exeter.

I make efforts to stress the Green Team are not the 'Work Horses' of the school, but more the Jiminy Crickets' the conscience of our community, coming up with ideas & promoting our Green efforts.

The Green Team Consist of:

  • Mr Ayles's Class
    • Cyrna
    • James
  • Mr Butterworth's Class
    • Issy
    • Lukke
  • Mrs Wrightson's Class
    • Haja
    • Max
  • Mrs Cafaro's Class
    • Rufus
    • Sarah
  • Mr Bushrod's Class
    • Jenson
    • Lucy

Current Green Team Initiatives:

  1. The establishment of our Green Team, supported by William Thorne of Exeter City Council
  2. Recycling bins in each of the classrooms.
  3. A rota of collection of these bins, organised by the 'Green Team'
    Exeter City Council provided the Green Bins & the Large Recycling bin, which they empty twice a week
  4. Organic waste bins (vegetable & fruit waste) setup in the dining room & Kitchens
  5. Organic Waste Bin signs made
  6. Location for two Large Dalek type composting bins
    Again the 'Green Team' organise the collection of these bins.
  7. The collection & creation of a Green House from used plastic lemonade bottles
  8. Green Recycling signs made for recycling bins
  9. Training of team about composting (Mr Jenner snr)
  10. Have an intervention on microbes/science/life cycles to do with composting
  11. Prepare the ground on raised bed


Future Green Team Ideas

  1. Recycling Poster competition in school
  2. Monitoring of energy consumption at Magdalen Court School, both Gas & Electricity.
    The idea being we reduce the schools energy consumption.
  3. Calculation of Electricity Consumption, per classroom for Lights, Computers etc & then the cost per minute they are on.
    Links in with the initiative above.
  4. Get in Contact with us with your ideas, Mums, Dads, Aunties, Uncles, Grans, Granddad's & Children of MCS the more we think about these issues the more ideas we will generate to improve our school.
  5. Energy monitors, available on loan to take home for the week. How much Electricity do you use? Can you reduce this?
  6. audit of waste produced from school
  7. School Cycle Day.
    Get as many people to cycle into school that day.
    Promotional Poster
  8. Cycle Training Day, school run bicycle training courses
  9. Solar Power, look into the feasibility of providing some of the schools energy through Solar power


  1. Landfill site at Kingstaington, opportunity provided by William Thorne of Exeter City Council
  2. Sorting centre in Exeter, opportunity provided by William Thorne of Exeter City Council
  3. CAT; Centre of Alternative Technology, Machynlleth, Powys. (it's a long way, but worth it!)

Last Updated: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2016