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Magdalen Court School
School Rules

Generally, common sense tells you right from wrong. 


1.      Teachers, visitors and pupils should be addressed in a polite way.

2.      Allow teachers & parents to proceed first, holding the door open where appropriate.

3.      When any adult visitor enters a classroom pupils should stand and be silent.

4.      Treat other people & their belongings with the respect you would want them to show yours.


Academic Work

1.      Work should be carried out to the best of a pupil's ability.

2.      There should be no graffiti on books.

3.      Homework must be completed thoroughly, on time and the homework diary should be completed properly and signed by parents each week.

4.      Arrive at lessons promptly by the end of each break.

5.      Sit down without talking, with the appropriate books pens etc. at the beginning of the lesson.


Smart school uniform is to be worn  at all times in school, & when travelling to & from school.


 Buildings & Grounds

1.      Classrooms & other school areas should be left tidy & clean at all times.

2.      Ensure all litter is placed in the bins provided.

3.      Treat the school buildings & resources with care.

4.      Classrooms are out-of-bounds during break times.

5.      The front drive, car park & cycle shed are only for transit.

6.      The grass area around the tennis courts & sports hall is only to be used to retrieve balls.

7.      Entrance/exit from the school is only by the front gate.



1.      No eating or drinking in classrooms.

2.      Running is forbidden outside the sports areas.

3.      Expensive and dangerous items such as computer games or matches must not be brought into school.

4.      Chewing and bubble gums are forbidden.

5.      Jewellery should not be worn.

6.      Mobile phones are banned unless a special arrangement has been made with your parents, even then they must be handed in at the school office during the school day.


Follow all instructions given by members of staff, without argument.



Last Updated: Wednesday, 13-Jan-2016