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Magdalen Court School
International Pupils/Students

We accept International Pupils from
3 months to 18 years +
Integrating them into the appropriate part of Magdalen Court School, with their British & International peers.



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Most schools have an Open Day once a year.
Magdalen Court School invites you to choose a day that suits you for a personal visit.
Come as see what makes us special!

Magdalen Court School is a wonderful place for international pupils to come and feel part of an English school community. Young people come from allMagdalen Court School International Nusery over the world to study here, and they receive a very warm welcome. They are fully included in the academic, sports and social programmes. Because there are such a small number of foreign language speakers here, they have an excellent opportunity to speak English all the time, integrate into school life, and improve their English significantly. We accept beginners & pupils with a very early level of spoken and written English.

Many students find that the level of English required for GCSE, AS and A2 exams is very high, and that they need some extra help with their schoolwork. Overseas students in lower years do not usually study French, instead having one-to-one or pair group TESOL lessons a few times a week, in order to improve their English, before they go on to become fluent and confident. With such small groups & '1 on 1 teaching' we are able to help individuals make rapid progress with their English. The lessons focus on improving communication and confidence, using a wide range of textbooks and materials. Pupils are also supported with their homework and any subjects they might find challenging.

Magdalen Court School's Foreign Languages department are well practiced in supporting pupils from overseas with their academic study in England.

At Magdalen Court School we encourage our pupils to integrate with the British students as much as possible. The small number of overseas pupils makes this very easy. This is very important to help to prepare students academically, socially and pastorally for success in an English school.

We encourage students to participate in events, activities, excursions, music and sports that happen in school, and we are always very proud when our students play for a school sports team, swim in the school team, sing in the school choir or play a musical instrument in the school orchestra.

logo Magdalen Court School has been granted a HIGHLY TRUSTED SPONSOR LICENCE
by the  UK Border Agency.
The UK Border Agency considers applications for visas to study in the UK.


Magdalen Court School International Group Trip

Magdalen Court School has; Nursery, Infant, Junior, Senior & 6th form
on the same campus.

What a fantastic opportunity for progression!

Keeping Touch with Home

Pupils are given email and Internet access and they are able to use Magdalen Court School’s excellent IT facilities. There is also wireless access throughout the school campus and pupils are able to use this within the school fee..


Settling in

We realise that when your child arrives at Magdalen Court School, there are many adjustments for them to make. Firstly, they have said goodbye to their Magdalen Court School International Tripfamilies and friends and they will miss home. Secondly, they have to study in a second language and learn what an English classroom is like. Thirdly, they have to understand and adjust to a new culture. This time can be a very emotional time for your child as there are many changes happening in their lives.

The small friendly nature of Magdalen Court School, makes these adjustments much easier. The school is very much like an extended family, we give each new pupil a 'Peer Mentor' from their class who will ensure they know where to go, what they need, ensure they don't miss out on the wide range of activities available in school.

The size of the school means every member of staff knows every pupil. We are not a huge, ungainly institution, the pupils will see the same staff each day & quickly build up a rapport with the staff. the size of our school means staff can look-out for pupils, in and around school as well as in lessons.


School Life

Pupils/Students are part of Magdalen Court School, so all the information throughout this web site is applicable to them. They will be integrated into all parts of Magdalen Court School life.



Magdalen Court School is able to help pupils/parents find accommodation in the UK, this can:

  • Pupil/Student placement with a UK family
  • Flat or House rental for whole family
  • Sometimes accommodation is available on the University campus.

There is a wide range of options available which should meet your requirements.


The Education system in the UK– Overview

The school year runs from September to July, with student ages taken from 1st September each year.
Children normally start school at the age of 5 and this is therefore classified as Year 1. Magdalen Court School International Drama Class

The two most important sets of examinations in the UK are:
  • GCSE's [Years 10 and 11]
    At Magdalen Court School we encourage pupils to take early GCSE's from as early as 10 years old, provided they are ready for the examination.
  • A Levels [Years 12 and 13].
    At Magdalen Court School we start our 'A Level' studies in Year 11, supported by our early GCSE's, giving the pupils 3 years to complete these studies. The jump in academic standard from GCSE's to A Levels is very large.



  • The standard GCSE program is spread over two years (Years 10 and 11 nationally or Years 6 to 10/11 at MCS)
    Most pupils in the state sector aim for 5 GCSE's at MCS most of our pupils will gain 8 or more GCSE's (16 is the current record for our school).
  • Students are usually required to pass at least 5 GCSE's (Grade C or above) to enter an A Level course.

After GCSE's, students aged over 15 enter 6th From (Year 11) and begin the three-year A Level courses.


A-Levels / BTEC's

  • In the first year of A Levels (AS Level), students usually take four subjects. 
  • In the second year of A Levels (A2 Level), students may drop one subject, thus taking final examinations in three subjects in May/June.
  • It is normally the case that A Level subject choices are based on subjects being taken at GCSE level, although there are a number of A Levels that can be selected without the need to pass the corresponding GCSE, e.g. ICT, business studies, psychology.
National Curriculum
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National Curriculum
Magdalen Court School
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Magdalen Court School International Ski Trip



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