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School Uniform

School uniforms are available from:

  • 'Pinder and Tuckwell', Fore Street, Exeter.
  • Thomas Moore, Exeter (Stocks Embodied Blazers)


  • Skirt: Blue tartan kilt.Magdalen Court School, School Uniform Girls

·         Blue tartan tunics are worn by Juniors (classes below Form IV).

·         Blouses: regulation white.

·         Tights: Navy-blue.

·         Shoes: Black flat-heeled (not over one inch high) with strap or lace fastenings. (No soft fabric or trainers).

·         Hair: Long hair should be tied back (blue ribbons/headbands or slides, only please).

·         Navy-blue velour hat with school crest up to Form IV (winter uniform).

·         Straw boaters (summer).



·         Trousers: plain dark-grey.

·         Socks: Navy. (White and light coloured socks are not acceptable)

·         Shoes: Plain black regulation. (No soft fabric or trainers)


Boys & Girls

  • Shirt: white
  • Tie: MCS School tie.
  • Blazer: Navy-blue, with School badge. Magdalen Court School, School Uniform Boys
  • Jumper: V-necked, navy blue (optional).
  • Coats: for outdoor wear, a plain navy-blue 'Target dry' fleece lined waterproof jacket
    Reflective arm-bands recommended.
  • A School regulation blue/white scarf and navy-blue gloves may be worn.



·         With the exception of watches, jewellery is strictly forbidden.

·         Girls only may wear gold or silver sleepers. Rings may not be worn.

·         Piercing: other than a single piercing as mentioned above for girls are not allowed.
No nose, tongue, multiple ear piercing's, no piercing's for boys of any kind.


School Bags

Briefcase: black, is preferable and is ideal for transporting books etc. Holdalls or rucksacks are acceptable if Navy Blue or Black, without any Logos please.


Not Acceptable.

·         Make-up of any kind, including nail polish.

·         Coloured anoraks.

·         Polo or crew -necked pullovers.

·         Coloured hair ornaments, except blue ribbons or slides.

·         Wedged, platform, stiletto or high heeled shoes.

·         Coloured tee shirts/logos worn underneath school shirts.

·         Mobile telephones are not permitted except by special arrangement and then they must be handed into the
school office on arrival.

All electronic games/cyber pets are banned.

P.E and Games

Boys and Girls require: (Again NO logos please!).

  • White sports shirt with school crest.

  • Shorts: plain white.

  • Netball skirt navy-blue pleated (girls only)

  • Trainers: all white. If all white trainers can't be acquired it is acceptable to use 'Training shoe whitener'

  • Tracksuits: navy blue with a white stripe.

  • PE Bags: navy-blue.



·         Costume: Girls navy-blue, one piece.
Boys navy-blue trunks (not shorts).

·         Goggles, (not diving masks) are recommended.

·         Hats (optional): these should be plain white only please.

·         Bags: navy-blue, for swimming kit  (no carrier bags please).


6th Form students

Have the privilege of choosing their clothing.Magdalen Court School 6th Form Student

But are expected to wear a:

  • Suit/Skirt: smart two-piece skirt or trouser.

  • Skirts should be knee length

  • Shirt:

    • Boys: with a collar

    • Girls: open neck blouses or a shirt with a collar are acceptable.

·         Tie, if shirt worn.

·         Shoes: Plain colour. Heavy boots, trainers and casual shoes are not permitted.
Girls: Low/medium heeled, no boots.

·         Jewellery as main school

·         Sports kit
Appropriate foot wear & clothing for the activity.



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