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Magdalen Court School
Learning Support

We support children with a wide range of mild learning difficulties

Magdalen Court School D&T

Magdalen Court School offers a small, positive nurturing enviroment which enables many pupils to flourish, when in other larger establishments they may have been struggling.

Our staff have a lot of experiance supporting children with learning difficulties, we draw upon a large number of outside specilists to support our teaching team in school including Charted Educational Physiologists; Mr Michael Hughes B.A. M.A. A.F.B.P.S.
Who has worked with our school for some 19 years.


Funding in certain cases is possible to obtain help from a number of charities who kindly support the school and in certain cases, from D.C.C. (Devon County Council).

On entry, or at a prior interview, your child’s needs are assessed by our staff, if they have an EHC plan this is a useful part of this assessment; for many of our children an Individual Education Plan (IEP) will be created and modified as your child progresses through the school. The IEP is circulated to all academic departments, enabling cross-curricular help, support with general organisational skills, and specific approaches to learning skills. The Annual Statement Review is retained & parents attend the Yearly Review with the D.C.C. Chartered Educational Psychologist.

Learning and knowledge retention is always easier if it's fun and our skilled staff will recognise very quickly just what stimulates your child; from the wealth of resources at our disposal, We will do our best to offer your child the benefit of a wide range of multi-sensory approaches, differentiation, promoting success on learning tasks and interactive teaching methods, from educational computer games to thinking skills & planning.


Strengths of the school for supporting children with SEN:

  • In addition to the mainstream subjects, the school aims to teaches organisational and study skills. Small class sizes ensure individual attention for each student.Magdalen Court School Art
  • All the subjects are presented and taught, taking into account the many characteristics of learning difficulties such as short-term memory, attention span, writing speed, letter formation, organisation and note taking.
  • Thus the programme is designed to encourage each student to develop their full abilities and to increase their levels of maturity and responsibility as they progresses through the school. It is important to be aware that students have ultimately to leave, survive and thrive in the real world.
  • Magdalen Court School aims to teach the whole child, taking into consideration their strengths, weaknesses and individuality.
  • Dyslexic children are encouraged to work towards their full potential. We aim to teach them within a caring, happy and structured framework. Often the children begin to develop the self-respect, self-reliance and self-discipline which they are so desperately seeking and needing.
  • Individual support for:Magdalen Court School Challenge
    • reading
    • writing
    • spelling
    • organisation
    • working memory
    • There is a strong general studies programme which is structured to help broaden the educational experience of each student.
    • An extensive curriculum is offered throughout the school, which includes English, Mathematics, Statistics, French, Spanish, Italian, Music, History, Geography, Science, 360 Science, Combined Science, Single Award Science, Drama, Design & Technology, Graphics, Food Technology, Textiles, Art, Photography, Business Studies, Health & Social Care, Child Care. To name but a few of the range on offer.
    • Wide range of exams offered: GCSE’s, Vocational GCSE’s, A Levels, Vocational A Level’s, BTEC’s, O.C.R. National Diplomas.
    • Wide range of extra curricula activities to help develop a sense of stamina, determination & character building; Hill Walking, Snow Skiing, Snowboarding, Sailing, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Surfing, Orienteering, Canoeing, Kayaking, Cycling, Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Horse riding, Swimming, Life Saving, Personal Survival, Archery, Cookery the list goes on.
    • Other qualifications: The Duke of Edinburgh Award, John Muir Award, BCU canoe & kayaking awards, RYA sailing awards, Orienteering awards, ASA Swimming, Diving, Life Saving, Personal Survival, Water Polo awards, French, Austrian, Bulgarian, Swiss Ski/Snow Board awards.
      Instructor qualifications in: Swimming, Kayaking, Canoeing, Archery, Orienteering To name but a few.
    • Early GCSE's Many children start their GCSE courses at approx 12 years, (10 years is the record at Magdalen Court School). By engaging with these one at a time at a younger age, a sense of excitement & stimulation are created. We are looking for A* to C grades & offer over 30 subjects from Photography, Graphics, Expressive Arts, Drama, PE, Art, Drama, PE, Science Modules. The Magdalen Court School record is 16 GCSE's. The world is their oyster for 'A' levels.
    • Tutorial Services are also available


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