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0-5 yrs Kinderkare Nurseries Ltd

Main School ( Jan. 2018)

Reception £1890
yr1 £ 2200
yr2 £ 2300
yr3 £ 2400
yr4 £ 2500
yr5 £ 2600
yr6 £ 2700
yr7 £ 2800
yr8 £ 2900
yr9 £ 3000
Yr10 £3100
Yr11 £3200
A Level  £3400












Registration fees: £100 per child, none refundable

Sibling Discount: First child full fees, Second child 10%, Subsequent children 20%

The school works with a large range of Charities, you can search charities that support school placements here here.


Magdalen Court with its ethos of being a small, caring family school, prefers to put pupils with carefully selected Host Families. This gives children a real family experience, with the nurturing support we think is so important.

This has the added advantage of providing an experiance of the British way of life and the chance to form new friendships with hosts and their children, for many years to come.

Typically this costs £130 - £180 per week, depending our your requirements.

Other options include:
-There are sometimes vacancies in School House.
- Flat or House rental for the whole family.
- Self-contained flatlets, often on a shared basis.
- Sometimes accommodation is available on the University campus.


  • Termly Fees are payable in advance or by School Fees Plan monthly payment scheme.
  • Please note that to maintain our competitive fees we require all fees to be paid on the first day of the term for which they are due.
  • In the event of the withdrawal of a pupil, a term's notice must be given in writing to the Head, or a term's fees paid in lieu of such notice.


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