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0-5 yrs Kinderkare Nurseries Ltd

Main School ( Jan. 2019) fees per term

Reception £2,000
yr1 £2,200
yr2 £2,400
yr3 £3,100
yr4 £3,200
yr5 £3,200
yr6 £3,200
yr7 £3,200
yr8 £3,700
yr9 £3,700
Yr10 £3,800
Yr11 £3,900
A Level  £4,200











Registration fees: £100 per child, none refundable

Deposit: £300 - (An advance deposit is required to confirm acceptance of a place. This deposit is non-refundable within the first 12-months for long-term students. After that period, it will only be refunded after a pupil has left the school, less any outstanding expenses.)

Sibling Discount: First child full fees, Second child 10%, Subsequent children 20%

The school works with a large range of Charities, you can search charities that support school placements here here.


  • Termly Fees are payable in advance or by School Fees Plan monthly payment scheme.
  • Please note that to maintain our competitive fees we require all fees to be paid on the first day of the term for which they are due.
  • In the event of the withdrawal of a pupil, a term's notice must be given in writing to the Head, or a term's fees paid in lieu of such notice.


Last Updated: Thursday, 10-Jan-2019