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Magdalen Court School Children with Awards

Every child is special. Our philosophy is to endeavour to develop the full potential of each child by teaching a carefully prepared curriculum. This is achieved by incorporating traditional values alongside a progressive, modern approach. Our aim is for a high academic performance, which is carefully structured to help the less able achieve success. Every child deserves the best possible education.

Distinctive Features Include

  • The full curriculum range, including Design and Technology, Photography, French, Latin, German, Spanish , Theatre Studies, Computing & GNVQ’s.
  •  Individual attention synonymous with careful monitoring and evaluation, under the guidance of experienced and dedicated staff.
  • Firm discipline and a happy, caring atmosphere which is conducive to learning.
  • A range of extra curricular opportunities to assist character building and leadership potential.
  • Many independent schools have close links to their feeder schools
    Magdalen Court School has; Nursery, Infant, Junior, Senior & 6th form on the same campus.
    What a fantastic opportunity for progression

Internal School Certificates

There is a full and exciting range of School Certificates available. These are organised for Verse Speaking, Public Speaking, Singing, Dancing, Drama, Gymnastics/PE/sport and other subjects.
 To encourage pupils to apply themselves academically and to excel in their endeavours and personal areas of strength , a range of Commendations are awarded on a half-termly basis. These are also used for good conduct, diligence, best efforts, good progress etc.
 There is also a 'Service to School' certificate
As far as possible the focus is kept positive and encouraging, with a bias towards
high expectation. It is important children develop high self-esteem and a rich sense of worth.

Magdalen Court School ICT suit

P.E. and Games  Magdalen Court School Sports Hall

We have an outstanding full sized Sports Hall, outdoor all weather sports area/hard courts and a small playing field. The pupils, whatever their ability, are encouraged to develop skills in several sports, as much for enjoyment as physical fitness. Tennis, badminton, volleyball, athletics, cricket, basketball, tag rugby, football, netball and gymnastics are all popular. The school enjoys the advantages of many fine sporting facilities in Exeter such as the Arena & the School Minibus is invaluable for such trips.  We have also developed close links with Exeter University, St. Luke's School of Education, (which is just a few hundred yards along the road).  We use their swimming pool.  This is a great advantage and offers the school some excellent sporting facilities.   Outward bound  opportunities include wall climbing, canoeing, sailing,  cross country  orienteering etc. All senior pupils have the opportunity to undertake the C.C.P.R Sports Leader's Awards and the Amateur Athletic 5 Star Awards are promoted along with the Netball Association certificates, BAGA Awards and other external certification.  There is a range of gymnastic apparatus to encourage personal development, confidence and co-ordination. All children take part in P.E .lessons  inter-house matches and the Annual Sports Day.  We also encourage pupils to attend the weekly swimming classes and swimming galas.Magdalen Court School Swimming Club



This is another area of strength in the school.  Children are encouraged to work at their best possible pace. Homework can be extended to accommodate high fliers (or adapted for strugglers). Early GCSE's in maths are promoted, and pupils can enter for the Great British Maths Challenge.  there are several mathematics specialists among the staff and children take Maths Textbooks home to encourage daily homework and give parents the opportunity to become involved in their children’s work and to give the children the personal freedom to progress through the core series as fast as they wish !


Dyslexia Department

We support many pupils with Dyslexia. It's a gift as well as a challenge. We are well versed in helping children recognise the strengths this brings as well as giving them stratergies to build on areas they struggle with. Tests are carried out, in conjunction with an Educational Psychologist, where appropriate, to create a programme of study for each individual child. This is followed up with daily support and individual tutoring can also be arranged on a daily, weekly or occasional basis.


Outward Bound Study ProgrammeMagdalen Court School Ten Tors Team Certificate

The school has a comprehensive programme designed to build, extend and challenge the pupils’ broad range of experiences. It starts with short, local and familiar activities with the younger pupils and as their confidence, teamwork and expertise develops so the courses they attend, grow in length, challenge and location. The residential trips such as skiing & adventure centres are always hugely popular with pupils and parents alike, and being a small school, the opportunity to partake in them all is frequently the norm.



Prep is an integral part of the school day.  This varies according to age and can be extended to cope with very bright or gifted children, or conversely, to help children who are facing academic difficulties.  Prep is developed in close liaison with parents to avoid stress, and school diaries are used to help parents monitor their children's prep.



This is an important aspect of the curriculum and helps to develop a child's creative flair.  Live sketching, clay, charcoal, wax rubbing and prints are all encouraged, as is exploration with various textures of paint & visits to a local pottery where children can ‘throw’ their own mug etc.  There is no lower limit on the age  to open a portfolio of work for GCSE.  Artistic children are invited to discuss their areas of study with the Art specialist.Magdalen Court School Team Work


Filed Studies Center

The children enjoy a Field Studies day each term . This can take the form of a visit to the Willows and Wetlands Centre, or a day on Dartmoor where they can undertake environmental studies, earth sciences etc.  They gain practical experience in field work and can use our own 50 acre field  base in the Teign Valley for longer -term studies, camping expeditions, barbecues, canoeing, exploratory river work other things which are planned..  The Field Studies work is led by Mr. Jenner and Mr. Bushrod.



All children are encouraged to use their leisure time wisely and extend their interests.  In addition to the Field Studies Centre some of the following are expected to be available at various times of the year :-Tennis Coaching, Swimming*, Riding*, Art, Badminton, Volleyball, Netball, Dance, Drama, Choir, Gym club, BAGA Awards, Computers, Chess, Cycling proficiency tests, Nursery School Classroom Assistant’s Certificate, CCPR Sports Leader’s Award, Drama Workshop Assistant, St.John's First Aid courses, the Royal Marines Commando Course and Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  (*Optional extras).


Magdalen Court School has an  outstanding computing department.  The school has a computer/ratio of 1:2  All children work towards structured Computing examinations in CLAIT & the University of Cambridge Modular Computing Examinations.  Some pupils  are highly computer literate, for example a 10 yr old who has passed his first CLAIT Examination & a 12yr old who is working on his final module.


Graphic DesignMagdalen Court School Design & Technology Department

This is a popular subject and helps children work to scale, focus on problem solving, and develop mathematical thinking.


Graphic Design

Most children enjoy working with the electronics, mechanisms, plastic, wood & metal developing their skills, co-ordination & appreciation of these materials & processes.


School Day

7:00-9:00 School open
8:30-9:00 Support Club open to all pupils, for academic support. No additional charge.
The school day starts with a whole school assembly on Monday & Wednesday morning
PSHEE lessons on Tuesday & Thursday morning
Prize giving assembly on Friday morning


1st Lesson (Juniors)
1st Lesson (Seniors)
Junior break
Senior break
2nd Lesson (Juniors)
2nd Lesson (Seniors)
Junior Lunch - Senior Clubs
Junior Clubs - Senior Lunch
3rd Lesson (Juniors)
3rd Lesson (Seniors)
Junior break
Senior break
4th Lesson (Juniors)
4th Lesson (Seniors)
3:50-6:00 Late Stay, there is a charge for this service.
Support is available to help with achademic work


School fees can be found in the full prospectus, downloaded at the top of this page

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