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This week, with good weather on most days, all the key stage groups have been practising fire lighting skills in Bushcraft. The aim was to create and maintain a fire and cook some smores! The children were shown how to use different tools to start a fire including; a bow drill, a fire stick and flints.

They all enjoyed the challenge (motivated by the possibility of smores) which encouraged listening skills, perseverance, enthusiasm and attention to detail. Everyone enjoyed the smores and several groups found and handled some frogs and newts much to everyone’s excitement.


Mid-week pupils on rota to do cookery made pasta, a pasta and fresh pesto dish and cakes with a golden lustre in place of icing.

Devon County Show

The week ended with a trip to the Devon County Show where the children had to take 10 photos on their phone or camera exploring the agricultural heritage of the show before they could access their spending money in time for lunch! This task was fully embraced and meant that they were led into looking properly around and considering what they saw. A great day was had by all!

★GOLD Duke of Edinburgh Award★

Congratulations to Joe who achieved his Gold Duke of Edinburgh award this week. He’s completed some wonderful expeditions on foot, bike and canoe and been volunteering at Knighthayes National Trust property for the last 3 years. We’re excited to see what Joe does next!