Physical Theatre and War Poetry

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Autumn is such a great time of year to get creative and everyone has been busy doing just this. KS4 have started rehearsals for their abridged performance of Philip Pullman's adaptation of Frankenstein in Drama lessons. We can't wait to see the end result. Lots of hard work and enthusiasm is going into it! Mr Cotter has been using physical theatre techniques to really bring the characters to life with great success and everyone is enjoying the rehearsals.

This photo captures one of the warm up exercises taking place led by Mr Cotter.

Pupils from KS3 went 'deer stalking!' The children created some detailed sketches of the willow deer creations made last term.  These beautiful creatures have now decorated with Christmas lights to bring a little festive cheer to the school entrance.

The children in KS2 have also been enjoying art lessons inspired by firework night. They researched the meaning behind the celebration and then made their own paint explosions, deciding to recreate the colours that you see in the night sky. Each picture was developed in a unique way to show the vibrant colours on a black background. As you can imagine splattering paint was a thoroughly satisfying activity for everyone involved!Firework PaintingsFirework Paintings2


Online Safety in ICT

Key Stages 2 and 3 started a new scheme of work this week centred around Being Safe online, a topic that we will follow up until Christmas. Key Stage 2 explored image manipulation and considered the reasons why images are sometimes "Photoshopped". Key Stage 3 have focused on how to recognise online messages which are likely to be suspicious or harmful in intent. Next week we will be looking at online scams, how they work, and how to spot them. Key Stage 4 have been exploring Google Slides and started work creating their own interactive presentations.  

Christmas Activities Club

Kim Mead and Olivia Whitelock will be offering a Christmas Activities Club on Thursday 19th / Friday 20th of December from 9am-4pm. They will be doing all kinds of lovely christmasy activities such as arts and crafts, Christmas cracker making, watching Christmas movies, cookery and carols. If you would like your child to attend one or both of these days please contact the office as soon as possible so that we can get a clear idea of numbers. Thank you!

Christmas Lunch

An email has been sent to you asking if your child would like to join staff for a cooked Christmas lunch on December 9th (cost is £5). Please reply and drop the money into the office by 27th November including any dietary requirements (vegetarian/vegan/allergies) your child has so that we can get it booked. Thank you!

War poems

Lastly, Willow class have spent this week thinking about the soldiers who have fought in wars. We started on Remembrance Day, reading poems written in WW1. We looked at literary methods used, such as alliteration, onomatopoeias, comparisons and powerful language. By the end of the week, the class produced some wonderful poems, quite reflective, raw and gritty in style like true war poetry is. We leave you with them in memory of all those who've died in war across the world.




Bang went the guns (By Niamh)

Bang went the guns.

Air filled with death. 

You can hear the bombs

Boom goes the bullets 

You can hear the ambulance. 

You know people are dying 

It feels so horrible you know you are going to die. 

You want to see your family 

You want to go home 

War is horrible 




Poppies in the Battle Field (By Joanna)

Bang shrieked the bullet as it soared through the air,

Whizz goes the metal Nazi planes as they loop through the smokey sky,

Boom goes the loud smokey explosions that fill the air with nasty gasses,

Tears running down there muddy, sweating faces,

Wishing that they were at their houses back in London,

Would they make it out alive?


My Trusty Gun (By Oliver and Tommy)

My name is Zachary and I am fighting in the war

With my trusty gun. 

I watch the planes fly by across the blue sky.

There is a bomb rapidly coming through the air.

Exploding louder than a volcano.