Robotics and Felt Making

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This term, the children have begun looking at coding with Mr Bolton, our new IT teacher. Students across the key stages have been exploring block-based coding in Scratch. The aim is that by half term they will be confident enough to begin to develop simple games or animations. Scratch is used in many schools as a tool for learning. If you are not familiar with it do have a look at the website where you can see what sort of games and animations children can make.

RoboticsIn Key Stage 4, they've had an introductory look at Python, computer hardware and binary. 

In ICT club this week, the group used Microbits to put block-based coding to practical use by activating LEDS and controlling servo motors in robotic buggies which was great fun for everyone attending!

Felt making 

After much success with the jewellery making and pottery sessions that we provided for the pupils last term, we have been very fortunate to have had a felt maker come into the school.

Pupils have been able to make patterns of felt by compressing, mating and fusing different coloured wool fibres together through a wetting process using hot, soapy water and friction until they connected to form a sturdy fabric. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed this session and created some truly wonderful designs. This practical, hands-on session is something that we hope more pupils will participate in during the upcoming weeks.

If you child has enjoyed the craft sessions why not have a look at the Devon Guild's upcoming events page as they often run great workshops for children.

Felt Making Collage1