Jewellery Making

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Children from across the key stages have enjoyed the weekly jewellery making sessions which have carried on from last term. We have been extremely fortunate to have master craftsman (Devon & Gloucester Guild) Jamie Inglis passing on his skills.

Pupils have been shown; how to use specialist equipment safely, the properties of different metals, how to solder metals together, hand piercing, doming, drilling, hammering, stamping, pickling and polishing! All those that took part have made a fantastic array of items such as necklaces and rings made of silver and copper. We are looking forward to holding an exhibition towards the end of term to show off everyone's handiwork.

'I have never done anything like this before and I loved it. What I liked most is that you got to do it all yourself and use the tools. I made a necklace and am really pleased with how it turned out.' Yr 6 pupil.