Sport's Day

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Sport's Day this year was very hot! Mr Blackmore organised a great variety of events, which the classes took part in on rotation. There was an obstacle race in the Sport's Hall which involved hurdles, climbing, leaping over the gym horse and swinging on ropes to see who could get the best time. Then there was shot put, high jump, penalty shoot out and the usual races - running, sack, egg and spoon and that old favourite - balancing a beanbag on the head. 

The tug of war heats involved two house teams lining up. When one team started to lose teachers and other pupils and even parents launched in to help. Each heat was a hilarious free for all in the end with nearly everyone participating when they weren't meant to be. It was brilliant fun and sums up the MCS Sport's Day which is all about having a good time as a school community.

Highlights of the afternoon were; Mr Bushrod dancing in goal (Worth seeing. If you missed him this year, I recommend you book the day off work for 2020), tug of war - pupils versus parents (the pupils won this year!) and Mr Ford serving ice-lollies and cornettos to cool everyone down. For those parents that couldn't make it, you can see more photos by visiting the usual Google links where they will shortly be available to view.

Tug of War

The teachers and students all pile in to help. Mr Cotter, Mr Blackmore and Miss Whitelock are first in!

Running and Goal

The older boys putting in some great effort to their running races and Mr Bushrod tries to put penalty shooters off by dancing in goal.

 Friends and Parents

Good friends, Oliver, Thomas and Sonny having a well earned rest and the parents vs. children tug of war which the adults sadly lost this year!

Mr Tucker and the Ice Creams

Mr Tucker 'checking' on the ice creams, captured on film by Wilf (Year 6). We might have been a few Fabs short but luckily there were still plenty to go around!


Thanks to all the parents who filled in the online questionnaire this week during the Ofsted visit. We will not find out the results of the inspection for a little while but the team was well prepared and worked extremely hard to show all the great things that happen here at MCS.

Duke Of Edinburgh and KS3 explore Exeter

Mr Jenner has been supervising some of the older students on their Duke of Edinburgh expeditions this week. What great weather they have had for it!

KS3 have been out in the city centre finding out about it's history as part of their topic work, 'Why Exeter is such a great city.' They visited the cathedral, where they had a superb tour of the bits no-one normally gets to see including the roof, where staff and pupils enjoyed an amazing view over Exeter. Then they spent the day at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum where they were shown Roman artefacts found in Exeter from the time of the Roman settlement here. The final trip took them below the streets and through the underground passages. They finished off that day by taking in the craft fair on the cathedral green.