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What an exciting term we have ahead of us.

The conkers are falling off the trees, the vegetables in the school garden are ready to be harvested and the hedges are full of blackberries and here we all are together again! It must be autumn. The smell of baking bread and blackberry and apple pie has filled the corridors this week as school got well and truly underway.

New Staff

Firstly, let me introduce you to some new staff who are joining us this autumn…

Mr Akrigg - Adventure Instructor (expecting his first child this week – one of life's biggest adventures!) Mr Akrigg is not strictly new as has been helping out on trips for a while but is now an official, full time member of staff. 

Miss Clarke - TA for Adventure

Mrs Boyce - TA and Library Co-ordinator

Mrs Shotter - Maths Tutor 

Miss David - TA

Mr Bolton - ICT Teacher

A comprehensive list of all Teaching Staff is always available on this website. 

6 New Staff Collage

(From left to right: Mr Akrigg, Miss Clarke, Mrs Boyce, Mrs Shotter, Miss David, Mr Bolton)

Wild SwimRiver Dart Larch

Wild Swimming

The term started with Wild Swimming in the River Dart for those that dared and the Department of Adventure have lots planned this term with monthly one-nighter camps and once a month beach clean days (dates still to be confirmed.) New parents - you can view photos of your child's adventure sessions each week by using the links emailed to you by Mr Jenner.

Tutor Groups

Students have been split into smaller tutor groups, named after trees and will start their day after registration with their tutor group.

The groups give the children a closer connection to their tutor and are a good way to get to know some of the others they might not normally talk to at break time, broadening their friendship circles. A lot of thought has gone in to grouping the children with others we feel they can bond with.

The morning tutorials are informal and may involve games and quizzes, explain upcoming opportunities and allow time to chat. The group meets again after lunchtime for DEAR (drop everything and read) which lasts 20 minutes and again at the end of the day. We hope that this system helps our new students settle in as well as strengthening the sense of belonging in all of the children.


Oak - Mrs Dooley

Willow - Mrs Twelves

Larch - Mr Bushrod

Hazel - Mr Blackmore

Elm - Mr Tucker 

Beech - Mrs Boyce

6th Form - Mr Ford



We're continuing with a broad range of clubs on a Friday afternoon, including gardening, ICT, sport and Film Club. Details of all clubs including after school clubs can be found on the Clubs page of the website.

Getting Crafty

We're delighted to have started willow making sessions with Stefan from the Devon Guild as part of our continuing association with them. Initial sessions have introduced the children to this medium and so far lots of crowns have been made as children get the hang of weaving it.

We're also lucky to have a parent who has volunteered their time to lead small needle felting sessions and we look forward to seeing what the children make over the term. 

Festival of Lights

This term KS3's topic is Hinduism and they have been tasked with producing their own festival of light (Diwali). If you or anyone you know have any resources you could lend or offer for this event, they would be greatly appreciated.

Plants for Sale

Lastly, Sonny Wrightson, our budding horticulturalist, entrepreneur and Deputy Head Boy is selling geraniums outside the office to help raise money for our charity St Petrocks Homeless Shelter. They are currently displayed on top of the fish tank. For all new parents – Sonny grows and sells plants throughout the year. Keep an eye out for them and bring some change at pick-up time to help support our charity!