Wild Camp and Spanish Students

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The Department of Adventure started its new run of monthly camps this week, giving students the opportunity to spend a night under canvas, wild camping, once a month throughout the year.

Students and staff leave school on a Thursday evening, drive in the minibus and backpack to an ideal spot where they set up camp, eat a campfire dinner and enjoy being in the middle of nowhere. They wake and breakfast in their glorious natural surroundings before driving back to a normal day of school on the Friday. 

Wild Camp1 Crazywell PoolThis month they set their sights on Crazywell Pool on Dartmoor and walked along the stunning Devonport Leat, which if you’ve never visited I can highly recommend. Hopefully all parents will have received Mr Jenner’s fantastic description of events as they unfolded and the accompanying photos.

It sounded like a terrific start to the wild camps and staff and students alike thoroughly enjoyed the experience, although everyone was extremely tired on Friday morning!

Hopefully as the months roll by everyone will improve their packing skills and trim down their overnight necessities! There’s so much scope for learning on these simple overnighters. We can’t wait to hear where they are going next…

Spanish Students

FlagThe school is very excited to be welcoming 15 Spanish students who will be with us for the next 3 weeks.

The students won a scholarship in Spain to come to England and they will be taking part in lessons alongside the children in the mornings. We are particularly looking forward to them assisting our students who take Spanish lessons, as this will be a fantastic opportunity for them to improve their conversational language skills.

The Spanish students will be in school each morning and out and about with a language school exploring Exeter and Devon in the afternoons. 

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