Willow Weaving & Harvest Festival

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The whole school is currently engaged in the additional activity of willow making!  All pupils have contributed this autumn term to making the most delightful, three-dimensional deer sculptures which can be seen grazing outdoors in the front raised bed and will be a semi-permanent feature. 

The weaving is being led by professional craftsperson, Stephan Jennings, funded by The Devon Guild of Craftsmen, who the school is creatively affiliated with. The remit of the funded opportunity is to give everyone the chance to get in touch with their inner maker and all the crafts to date have certainly given the children a fabulous insight into what each involves. We would like to thank Stephan for his professional guidance and exciting sessions. 

Initially, some children said that the willow weaving was quite tricky, but amazingly, they soon picked up the new skills and ran with them. Smaller pieces were made in the first few weeks whilst everyone got used to working with the new material. Pupils discovered that the willow is cut annually from a sustainable source, which causes no damage to the environment and added to their sculpting knowledge in the following weeks, learning valuable skills such as weaving in a linear way or making a separate structure such as an ear and then attaching it. I think the fact that it took some practise made it all the more satisfying to achieve for everyone.

WillowWeaving1WillowDeer2One pupil has said how wonderful it was to work together as a team and collaboratively build such a large and beautiful creature. Each person added a small part to the whole which goes a long way to helping the children’s self-esteem and personal development.  

If you would like to know more about the projects your children are creatively involved in please contact the Head of Art, Mrs G, anytime. Stephan Jennings is running free willow workshops at The Devon Guild of Craftsmen in Bovey Tracy over half term. Have a look at their website for more details. https://www.crafts.org.uk/Events Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 


Thanks to all the parents and carers who came to support our Harvest Festival today and for the donations brought which will be given to St Petrock's, a local charity for the homeless who will be coming to accept the donations and talk to the children after half term.

The assembly was full of seasonal poetry and song, followed by homemade soup and fruit crumble made by the children, the proceeds of which will also be going to St Petrock's. Apple juice pressed by the children was also on sale alongside roasted pumpkin seeds and it was a great chance for parents, teachers and students to come together and celebrate the fantastic start to the year we've had. 

Enjoy the break everyone! 

Harvest Festival Collage3