Mission Statement

A specialist school that guides every individual to be the best they can be.


Magdalen Court School strives to create an environment where each pupil’s individual strengths, talents and aptitudes are nurtured and developed. We are an inclusive school which works to provide a first-class education that encourages pupils to think independently and to develop their full intellectual, creative and physical potential. Its success is the result of the recognition of the unique worth and importance of each child. 

By knowing every pupil socially, emotionally and academically, we can be sure that each pupil will flourish and acquire the confidence and self-belief to achieve a fulfilling and successful future and to become confident, accomplished and ambitious young adults.

At our school we know and support each and every one of our pupils. No effort is spared to ensure that they acquire the confidence and self-belief required for success in the world beyond school. The pastoral work of the school’s teaching team is at the heart of the way we look after our pupils. Their detailed knowledge of individual abilities and talents enables them to monitor pupils’ progress very attentively, and help them cope successfully with the educational and personal challenges of schooling. 


1 To create a secure, happy and active learning environment  which celebrates every individual.

2 To inspire and challenge pupils through wide ranging extra-curricular opportunities.

3 To provide outstanding pastoral care which develops fulfilled, successful and happy children who leave Magdalen Court School as young adults confident in their ability.

4 To provide teaching of the highest standard with critically self-reflective teachers who constantly seek to improve professional practice.

5 To have a highly professional support staff creating and maintaining the structures and environment for pupils to achieve their best.

6 To work in partnership with parents to provide opportunities for the pupils.

7 Every pupil will be encouraged to acquire a sensitivity to the feelings and needs of others, accept personal responsibility for his or her actions, and treat all property with due care, irrespective of its ownership.