Inspection Reports

Most of our parents have experienced first-hand how the current education system is failing many children especially those with dyslexia or who need a more tailored approach to the curriculum. We provide a different approach that works with a child’s individual talents and abilities whilst growing their confidence.  

Whilst Ofsted still struggle to understand the way in which we differ from other schools and inspect us with the same criteria as they would a mainstream or academically selective school, we are pleased to report that the last full inspection identified many of our strengths.

Ofsted reported that Magdalen Court:

  • Nurtured and supported our students’ strengths and abilities and ensured they always knew who to turn to for additional help
  • Had a good attainment level at GCSE
  • Pupils with SEND and EAL make good progress with us relative to their abilities
  • Offer a sound curriculum and strong outdoor pursuits programme
  • Help to develop confident pupils, promoting good behaviour
  • Staff offer our pupils warm, positive and harmonious relationships


The full school inspection reports can be viewed by following the links below…



Latest Inspection Report for Specialist Status 24th Sept 2020

Letter in response to the most recent report 18th Jan 2019

Latest Inspection Report 7th Nov 2018


Previous Reports:

Confirmation of Compliance 5th Jan 2017

Progress Monitoring Report 7th Nov 2016


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Great feedback from the report... 

‘Attainment at GCSE is good when compared to the national average for maintained secondary schools. Pupils at this level make good, and sometimes excellent, progress in relation to prior attainment as a result of the flexible curriculum provided and the close personal support they receive.’

‘Pupils with SEND and EAL, including those with statements, make good progress overall relative to their ability as a result of the specialist support provided.’

‘The curriculum is sound, with a particular strength in the good range of outdoor pursuits available.’

‘The quality of the pupils’ personal development is good as shown by their respectful and confident relationships with adults and with each other. Pupils show an awareness of the non-material aspects of life and have a keen sense of right and wrong. The cultural awareness of pupils is good. Pupils of differing cultures and faiths work harmoniously and respectfully side by side. Staff provide carefully tailored and effective support and guidance. The school is effective in promoting good behaviour. By the time they leave, all pupils, including those with SEND or EAL, are well prepared to deal with life beyond school.’

‘The school maintains good relationships with parents who show high levels of satisfaction with the education provided.’

‘Staff provide carefully tailored and effective support and guidance in accordance with the school’s aims to develop fulfilled, successful and happy children who leave as young adults confident in their ability. Relationships between adults and pupils are warm, positive and harmonious. Pupils are confident that they know who to turn to if they have any concerns or difficulties.’