Academic Year 2019/2020

Registration Fee: £100 per child. Payable on registration and non-refundable 

Acceptance Deposit: £300 (An advance deposit is required to confirm acceptance of a place. This deposit is non-refundable within the first 12-months for long-term students. After that period, it will only be refunded after a pupil has left the school, less any outstanding expenses.)


Year group

Cost per term



Yr 1


Yr 2


Yr 3


Yr 4


Yr 5


Yr 6


Yr 7


Yr 8


Yr 9


Yr 10


Yr 11






Sibling Discounts: A reduction of 10% of the tuition fee will be made for the second child in respect of whom fees are being paid in the Senior or Junior School, and 20% for the third or subsequent child.

Extras: Fees do not include school trips, some adventures sessions and excursions which are invoiced using our online payment system. 

Conditions: Termly fees are payable in advance or by a School Fees Plan monthly payment scheme.

Please note that to maintain our competitive fees we require that all fees be paid on the first day of the term for which they are due. 

In the event of the withdrawal of a pupil, a term's notice must be given in writing to the Headteacher or a term's fees paid in lieu of such notice. 


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