'I've always loved sport but in my last school I didn't feel confident to join in. I was never picked for teams and there was a big pressure to be good. You got really shouted out if you missed the ball. I started to hate P.E, which was a shame. Now I enjoy it again. I don't worry about being the best. I just really enjoy what I'm doing and it's fun.' Yr 10 student.

As we are a small school the best thing about the sport we do here is that no one is left out, regardless of ability. Everyone has a go at everything they want to and all the children have a very inclusive attitude. 


We follow a sports curriculum and offer a wide range of sports for all the children to participate in. The children have the usual P.E lessons and optional extra sports in the form of after school football and the Friday afternoon clubs session. Swimming lessons take place in the summer term for KS1 pupils.

KS1 start with basic motor skills and fundamental sports skills.

KS2 and above take part in most invasion games, striking and fielding games, athletics and much more.



Sports Offered:

  • Football
  • Benchball
  • Badminton,
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Rugby (upper key stages)
  • Tag Rugby
  • Lacrosse
  • Hockey
  • Dodgeball
  • Tag Rugby
  • Cricket, Rounders, and a version of Baseball (softball)
  • Basketball
  • Athletics around Sports Day
  • Tennis
  • Swimming (for KS1)
  • Gymnastics and Circuits (upper key stages)
  • Climbing in the sports hall for those with experience
  • Jail Break
  • Archery (with Mr Jenner)


Water sports and snow sports are also offered as part of the adventure programme.