The school's plan follows the government's statutory guidance, published in January 2018 and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation's eight benchmarks for good careers provision.

★ Careers Programme

All students from years 8-13 are involved in activities with a view to their future careers. This includes assemblies, form time, PSHE lessons, careers (KS4), employer talks and workplace experiences. Year 10 students take part in work experience, supported by our partnership with Careers South West. This gives us access to their WEBVIEW online management tool and a database of possible work experience opportunities across the South West. Year 10-13 students attend regional careers events such as Skills South West at the Plymouth Pavillions.

★ Labour Market Information

Students are encouraged to research and process careers information from Year 8 onwards. With the support of the Careers Lead (Mr Cotter) both students and parents have access to information concerning career paths and the national and local labour markets. There is a dedicated careers information area within the school which is well maintained and resourced.

★ Addressing Individual Needs

Advice and support are tailored to the individual and their stage of education. Records are kept to chart the pathway of each child's career journey. The aim is to improve social mobility, overcome barriers and raise aspirations.

★ Curriculum Learning

All subject teachers emphasise the importance of succeeding in English and Maths. 

STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subject teachers highlight the relevance of STEM subjects to future career paths. Career learning is a subject in its own right for KS4 students. It is also incorporated within other subjects such as PSHE, English (self-presentation skills) and Maths (i.e. financial planning skills). Schemes of work and lesson plans allow for embedded career learning. Subject teachers endeavour to understand and promote the hopes and dreams of their students. 

★ Employer Encounters

Employers are invited to talk to Year 8-13 pupils on a regular basis in order to bridge the gap between education and the world of work and to broaden students' horizons. This is achieved through strong and active links with the community, local business and with professional parents.

★ Workplace Experience

By the age of 16 every student shall have experienced a workplace environment first-hand, doing real work tasks, observing processes and talking toothed staff about their roles. Post-16 students continue work experience with a focus on activities aligned to their programme of study. Students are encouraged be active participants in the process, with the support of parents, Careers Lead and the extensive database provided by Careers South West. Adequate preparation aims to make the experience a positive one and to ensure there are opportunities to gain employability skills, an insight into career choices and the necessary self-confidence. 

★ Further Education

Students are well-supported to choose appropriate pathways post-16 and by post-18, according to their best interests. Encounters with further and higher education will be organised by the school, through close co-operation with parents and carers. 

★ Personal Guidance

The school's Careers Lead conducts one-to-one interviews with all Year 10 students in order to meet their individual needs. Interviews are designed to ascertain skills, experiences, qualifications and circumstances as well as ideas and ambitions. Students are encouraged to challenge assumptions, explore options and develop practical strategies in order to achieve their goals. 


A provider wishing to request access should contact our Careers Lead Mr Cotter via the main office number below or alternatively you can email

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