Funded Places

Funding from Educational Charitable Trusts

The UK has many charities who assist with places at independent schools. A directory of these trusts is available in Exeter Central Library and many parents on low incomes have found this to be a welcome resource. You will need to apply for funding as soon as possible as the number of awards granted each financial year are limited.

School Bursaries

Applications for a means tested bursary can be applied for in writing. Please register your interest with the School Office in the first instance.

School Scholarships

In the case of a gifted and talented child the school may be able to offer a scholarship should your child excel in one of the areas listed below:

  • Music 
  • Dance
  • Sport
  • Art
  • ICT
  • Academic

Applications for a scholarship can also be applied for in writing stating which area your child is talented in. Please register your interest with the School Office in the first instance.

Please note: All bursaries and scholarships awarded by the school itself are reviewed annually.

These financial arrangements follow a 3 stage approach:

  1. Children and their families arrange a visit to Magdalen Court School.
  2. If parents wish to proceed, they then arrange for their child to attend a taster day and sometimes a series of taster days so that we can get to know your child. This is an opportunity for both the school and you as a family to see whether Magdalen Court School would be a good fit. 
  3. Once a school place has been offered, parents can apply to a number of trusts asking for financial help with the school fees should this be required. Funding will need to be in place before a school placement can be confirmed. 


Funding from Devon County Council

Magdalen court School welcomes children with ECHPs and those whose needs have not been met elsewhere. However, the school has a very individual approach and gets to know each applicant through a series of taster days, offering places to children who they feel will thrive as part of the school community.

Local Authorities SEND Offer

If you feel your child require's an ECHP assessment whilst at Magdalen Court School, our experienced team of SEND staff can help advise you on how to proceed. Please note that this can be a lengthy process and it can take time for the funding to be awarded.