Parent Testimonials

Some children who come to Magdalen Court have previously had negative experiences in the mainstream system. Our communication levels with parents are high and we work hard to support their smooth transition to the school. We often find that negative classroom behaviours simply melt away when a child is fully supported in their learning and treated positively. Our school is not just about the students - it is a vibrant community made up of students, parents and staff.

But don't just take our word for it. Below are the testimonials of current parents...

We are so grateful to Magdalen Court School, they have given our happy, cheeky, outgoing son, Alex back to us!

From the very moment we visited the school, Alex relaxed, interacted and ultimately gained some hope that school life could be different to what he was previously used to.

The teachers are amazing! They very quickly took the time to get to know Alex properly and tailored his curriculum and additional support accordingly. I can not praise The Outdoor Adventure Programme enough, it has really taken Alex out of his 'comfort zone' and broadened his horizons massively - really improving his self confidence.

There is a real positive vibe going on in this school. The children are all treated with such respect and integrity. Their interests and passions are embraced and used to help them learn. It's fantastic! It's just what Alex needed.

Year 6 Parent

'First my daughter started here because she was anxious and needed a smaller class and more emotional support. Then my son saw how happy she was and all the amazing things she was doing and he asked to join her. There are lots of siblings at the school and many of the teachers educated their own children here so it has a lovely family feel to the place. Both my children have come on lots since starting the school. Their confidence has improved and their learning, especially maths. What i have noticed most with all the children is the good relationship they have with the teachers. All the children seem happy and confident.'


Year 8 and 10 Parent

Since coming to the school I have watched Zachary blossom as an individual. His confidence has grown and he finally has the level of support he needs to go forwards in his education.

Year 6 Parent

Sonny was educated in Spain up to the age of 10. We struggled in the last few years there as we knew Sonny had a problem with Maths and eye to hand coordination, which they did not recognise and he was often punished for it. We made the decision to move back to the UK and we thought his education would improve.

In the UK we had the same issues, despite a diagnosis of moderate dyslexia they did not recognise his problems in primary school and in secondary school we were told he wouldn’t be having Spanish or French lessons as he was in the bottom set for English so would do extra English instead of a second language despite his bilingualism. Then he wasn’t having any more English lessons but more Art and Personal Development classes. He never went on any school trips as only the higher sets had the opportunity and the school was also very sporty with students to represent each sport. Sonny was never picked for this so at sports day he just sat and watched the other students having fun.

We had the opportunity to move to Exeter and came across Magdalen Court on the internet. It sounded ideal. He had a couple of taster days and fitted in very well. He loves this school as he feels more valued, able to be himself, following his own interests (he loves gardening) without trying to be cool and thoroughly enjoying the outdoor activities. He feels included in everything that goes on. We know we did the right thing moving him because he is happy now.

Year 9 Parent

My child was deeply unhappy at his last primary school. He was diagnosed with Dyslexia and some mild sensory issues in Year 4 and although that school was well aware of his challenges they never followed through on any plan consistently. As the tasks got harder he began to develop coping mechanisms that avoided doing the work at all costs. He was punished for being disruptive and oppositional at times and spent much of his day in the corridor or other classrooms when he was naturally a sunny and easy going boy. In the end he could barely recognise himself at school as his patterns of behaviour were so different than those at home. He began to cry every day, getting him to school was torture and he begged me to let him stay at home permanently.

Then we found Magdalen Court. I've never met such a bunch of hardworking, positive and caring teachers who approach each student with emotional intelligence and respect. My son still had the same learning difficulties but now found himself in a small class with a teacher who could spot when he needed more support or a break. He quickly began to thrive, dropping all his negative behaviours because he was calm and understood. He has also benefited from the amazing range of extra-curricular activities. In his first half-term he’s been baking, jewelry making, designed and crafted a Harry Potter wand in DT, been cycling, mountain biking, walking on Dartmoor and more. I can see that his self-esteem has already grown.

We have been delighted with this friendly, caring school and it’s made a huge difference to our family life too.

Year 6 Parent

Our daughter can really be herself here. The amount of academic and emotional progress she has made since attending Magdalen Court is fantastic. She's simply flourishing and as parents we love being part of the school community.

Year 8 Parent

Our child loves this school and so do we as parents because it celebrates his strengths alongside working on his weak areas.

Year 5 Parent

Magdalen Court School came highly recommended to me by many parents of children who had attended. I have not been disappointed!! This is an extraordinary school, utterly unique in the way it cares so attentively for each and every child’s individual needs. The staff are talented at reaching out to children to make them feel safe, valued and ready to learn and reach their potential. My children are happy and relaxed here and are able to really be themselves.

The school makes learning interesting and non-stressful so children can thrive without feeling pressured. The Adventure programme is a major strength and helps children to push their limits in a safe and supportive way whilst instilling the values of healthy lifestyle that supports good mental health. We have been delighted with the school and it has made a huge difference to our whole family. This really is a little school with a huge heart, oozing compassion and acceptance whilst bringing out the best in it’s pupils.

Year 4 and Reception Parent

This is a school which celebrates children’s strengths, whilst working with weaknesses, truly allowing each individual to flourish in its dynamic community. Our child loves this school and so do we as parents.

Year 4 Parent