School uniforms are available from Thomas Moore, Exeter (who stock our blazers with embroidered badge, our MCS tie and embroidered P.E. t-shirt.)

For Girls: 

  • Skirt: Blue tartan kilt
  • Tunics: Blue tartan tunics are worn by Juniors
  • Blouses: White school blouse
  • Tights: Navy
  • Shoes: Black flat-heeled (not over one inch high) with strap or lace fastenings (No soft fabric or trainers)
  • Hair: Long hair should be tied back


For Boys: 

  • Trousers: Plain black
  • Socks: Black or grey
  • Shoes: Plain black regulation. (No soft fabric or trainers) 


For Boys and Girls:

  • Shirt: White, long-sleeved
  • Tie: MCS tie (available from Thomas Moore)
  • Blazer: Navy with embroidered school badge (available from Thomas Moore)
  • Jumper (Optional): V-necked, navy
  • Coat: A suitable waterproof raincoat for outdoor activities 
  • Reflective arm-bands recommended


For Sport (Boys and Girls): 

  • Top: White t-shirt with school crest (available from Thomas Moore)
  • Shorts: Plain white (available from Thomas Moore)
  • Netball skirt: Navy, pleated (girls only) 
  • Trainers: All white preferred
  • Tracksuits: Navy with a white stripe - no logos please
  • P.E. Bags: Navy 


6th Form students:

Our sixth formers have the privilege of choosing their clothing. We ask that they come in looking smart and wear clothing, appropriate to the activities they will be taking part in.