Rosehip Syrup

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This week the children enjoyed foraging and making their own rosehip cordial during the forest explorer sessions. For those who want to do this at home with their families here's a little more information: Rosehips are the fruits of the wild rose and deep red in colour with the flower stamens drying at the top. They can be found in thickets all over the Devon countryside but be careful of the thorns when picking! Rosehips can be made in herbal teas, cordial, jams and syrup for pancakes. 

The children gathered rosehips during their outdoor ed sessions, found dry wood and lit a fire and then boiled the rosehips over the camp fire in a pot.

Rosehips are an amazing source of vitamin C and help to ward off winter colds. They are also good for burning fat and aching bones and have been used in herbal medicines through the ages. rosehipsinpot




Recipe for Rosehip Syrup


700g (1lb 7oz) fresh rosehips

600g (1¼lb) granulated sugar

1-2tsp rose water, optional

2-3tsp lemon juice, optional


  • Wash the rosehips, removing any damaged fruit and carefully snip the calyx (the enlarged tube just below the sepals) off each. Put the hips in a pan and cover with water, then simmer for 20 mins until soft.
  • Strain into a bowl through a fine sieve and return the pulp to the pan, adding about the same amount of water and repeat for a second and third extraction. Strain all the fluid through muslin in the sieve this time.
  • Measure the ‘juice’ into a clean pan and add the sugar. Add the rose water and lemon juice to taste, if using, and simmer for a further 20-25 mins, until syrupy, removing the froth with a large metal spoon.
  • Eat straight away or pour into sterilised bottles and seal when cold. Use the syrup as a drink, made up with water, or serve on pancakes, or with thick yogurt or ice cream.


In the last two weeks of January children are invited to take part in Bikeability training provided by Devon County Council. The training takes part in the roads nearby the school over a period of a few days and is free. Due to limited places (to ensure staff to pupil ratio) you will however need sign your child up to get an allocated place. This can be done via the email sent this week. Children are taught how to ride their bikes safely and have the opportunity to gain a badge/certificate to show their competence. They will need a working bike, helmet and cycle gloves to take part. Bikes can be Brought into school and stored in our shed.


KS4 have started a new term of drama lessons this Friday. They are going to be covering a number of activities based around improvisation which will help pupils learn to react and respond to unexpected situations, and builds confidence and creative abilities. The pupils have been working together today to form a visual picture of an object such as a volcano, a tree and a car which encourages the pupils to be accepting of one another and build on each other’s ideas.

Mobile Phones

Just a reminder that we have a no mobile phones policy at school. Children who need to bring one for getting to and from school must hand it into the office at the beginning of the day. Thank you! (Some children have learning devices that have been agreed with senior staff members.) Children who need to ring home during the day can speak to their class tutor to do this if required.