The World of Mime

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Teaching children how to communicate effectively is so important. It helps them to get their needs met, express their feelings and build relationships with those around them. This week Mr Cotter’s KS2 drama class have been continuing to explore the art of mime. Did you know that communication is thought to be only 7% verbal, just 7% are the words we use. The rest is 38% body language (including gestures) and a whopping 55% is conveyed through your tone of voice. 

Willow class looked at the comic work of Rowan Atkinson and how he incorporates physical movement, body language and facial expressions in his work.

The children had a great time putting these techniques into practice, working in pairs to guess the reaction of their partner, playing musical statues to work on still image and coming together as a class to act out a haunted house mystery told only through mime.

Mr Cotter was very impressed with the final result and pleased the group worked so well together!

Mime Collage2

Mountain Biking 

Over the last few weeks all the classes have been out mountain biking on Haldon and Woodbury in all weathers. It's been hilly and bumpy, wet and muddy - the large puddles have definitely been the best bit though! Most children required a set of clothes to change into afterwards so please make sure you are providing these, including dry shoes. Helmets and bike gloves are also essential. 

BikesonTrailerimage3Mountain Biking2020Unknown