Tutorial and Exam Centre

We provide one to one and small group tutorials in a wide range of subjects and are also a registered exam centre. You can sit exams with us whether you are taking classes here, have been studying independently or are an adult learner. 

★ The tutorial centre is run alongside our sixth form. It is for students who have started A-levels elsewhere and are struggling for whatever reason to keep up with their studies.

Perhaps the leap from GCSEs has proved quite big or maybe English isn't your first language. Sometimes the social side of a sixth form or college environment can be a bit overwhelming, your individual learning needs might not have been met or you've found that left to your own devices you just weren't getting through the workload. Some students realise early on that they are not getting enough help to succeed and others find they have to repeat a year or an exam to get the end result they deserve. 

★ The exam centre is a registered base where you can sit exams at any age, whether you have studied with us or not. 

Every year hundreds of students sit exams with us from GCSEs to BMAT and many in between.

Tutorial Centre

Got to re-take some exams? 

Need to add another A-level as you've changed your mind about what to do at university?

Need more support to get through the A-level syllabus than you were getting?

There are lots of reasons why some teenagers need to work in a small focused group, where they won't fall behind. At Magdalen Court School our teachers are friendly and easy to talk to. They have a great deal of experience in helping students through A-levels in a wide range of subjects. You'll be in a very small study group of just a few students and will get all the individual help you need to stay motivated, learn, revise and gain your qualifications.

To see a list of subjects we teach at A-level click here...

MCS has established a reputation for providing first-class tuition in 'A' level, GCSE & NVQ subjects. The school offers first-time A-level courses over one or two years, as well as one-term and one-year retake courses for both A-level and GCSE.

The effectiveness of these courses hinge upon a high degree of individual attention and supervision, careful adherence to the precise syllabus requirements with reference to previous exam questions and an emphasis on sound study, revision and examination techniques. Our well qualified staff are specialist teachers and tutors of high calibre. They communicate ideas skilfully and are sympathetic to each student’s learning style. 

An improvement of 4 grades has been achieved in retakes and some pupils have had outstanding results, such as gaining an A grade for English in one year. 

Feel free to come and meet the Headteacher and have a look around. You can contact us using the form below or give us a call on 01392 494919.


Extra-Curricular Opportunities 

One of the strange aspects of academic life is that at your interview for university or work, little emphasis will be placed on your academic qualifications. Those qualifications you worked so hard to achieve, will be the key to open the door to the interview, but at the interview the focus is likely to be on what else you have been doing with your life.

So just like your post 16 academic choices you need to carefully plan, execute & achieve experiences outside of the classroom.

We have a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities which enhance students CVs and help them to develop leadership qualities: 


British Sport's Trust, Sports Leader's Awards

AAA 5 Star Awards 

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Public Speaking Certificates

St. John's First Aid

Poetry Society Awards

University of Cambridge Modular 

Computing Exams

Drama Examinations

Netball Certification

Royal Marines Commando Course

Expressive Arts Examinations 

(Oxford & Cambridge) 

M.C.S. Nursery/Classroom/Sports/Drama 

Assistant’s certificates

Football Ass. Soccer Awards

British Assoc. Gymnastic Awards

Basketball Ass. Championship Awards

Rugby Skills Awards


Work Experience 

Periods of work experience can be arranged to assist students in their choice of career and are often a valuable experience.

We have links with Exeter University's Peninsula Medical School which provides a rich experience for students considering medicine or working within The National Health Service or other health and wellbeing careers.

Private Exam Centre

Are you looking for a centre to sit your examination?

We are an independent exam centre for students of all ages. 

You may have been home educated, had private lessons, completed a distance learning course, be taking re-taking an examination outside of school, college or university and looking for an examination centre to sit your exams. We can provide this!

We have hundreds of external students sitting exams such as: BMAT, A-levels, A2, AS, GCSE, iGCSE, Functional Skills and more at Magdalen Court School each year.

We are registered with a wide range of exam boards: AQA, Pearson, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC and many more.

Please note that we are even able to facilitate late exam entries. For further information please e-mail the examination officer Mr Jeremy Bushrod j.bushrod@magdalencourtschool.co.uk